Technomed Leader to Join Neurosign Booth at AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting

Sep 5, 2022

Coming to meet with healthcare leaders, surgical teams, and medical school administrators to discuss the future of intraoperative nerve monitoring, Ronnie Stolec-Campo, CEO of Welcony, will join Neurosign staff at the upcoming OTO Experience and AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting in Philadelphia starting Sept. 10th.

Welcony is a global neurotechnology leader that includes Neurosign, a pioneer in the world of intraoperative nerve monitoring; Technomed, the manufacturer of Neurosign disposables; and Magstim, the manufacturer of the V4 Intraoperative Nerve Monitor.

“Continued advancement in intraoperative nerve monitoring enables surgical teams to preserve nerve integrity,” Stolec-Campo said. “We are looking forward to having conversations at AAO-HNSF that will help us learn more about practitioners’ needs and how Technomed/Neurosign can provide innovative cost-effective, reliable, and intuitive nerve monitoring solutions.”

Neurosign brings more than 30 years of innovative designs and technological advances to the OTO Experience. At booth #2037, Neurosign will showcase its leading stimulating probes, electrodes, and stimulating instruments as well as provide demonstrations of its easy-to-use and versatile V4 Intraoperative Nerve Monitor capable of supporting multi-surgeon practices for various head and neck procedures.

In addition to featuring Stolec-Campo on Monday, Sept. 12, and Tuesday, Sept. 13, the Neurosign booth will also host Technomed biomedical engineer Fabian Habets in Talks with Fabian throughout the OTO Experience.

A member of the engineering team charged with the development of innovative nerve monitoring probes, electrodes, and instruments, Habets is coming to AAO-HNSF to discuss medical device design and performance with those who use the instruments to monitor nerve integrity.

Along with the demonstrations of the intuitive V4 Intraoperative Nerve Monitor, the Neurosign team will have samples of its cost-effective laryngeal electrode; its broad array of stimulating probes including monopolar, bipolar, and concentric; and its innovative and surgically efficient stimulating dissectors. Neurosign’s product manager, Amy Banks, and U.S. sales director, Mike Day, will be leading the demonstrations and answering questions about the multichannel nerve monitoring capabilities.

The OTO Experience runs Sunday, Sept. 11, through Tuesday, Sept. 13. The AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting begins Saturday, Sept. 10.

About Neurosign

Neurosign®, a Technomed® brand, is a pioneer in the world of intraoperative nerve monitoring solutions. For more than 30 years, Neurosign® has supported surgical teams across the globe with innovative designs and technology solutions for patient nerve identification and preservation in some of the most complex head and neck procedures. Today, Neurosign’s international team of engineers and professionals brings the same focus as its founders preserving what matters for patients to live their fullest lives by aiding surgeons to operate at their best.

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