Turn-key Product Development of Multiple Electrode Patches

With more than 10 years’ experience Technomed has proven her capabilities to develop and manufacture medical multiple electrode patches. Our ambition is to develop multiple electrode patches that can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere to safeguard and improve people’s lives. We can bring your product ideas from the drawing board into the hands of your end users.

We develop customized Multiple Electrode Patches for monitoring and stimulation of all kinds of bio-signals. Our team of dedicated specialists can help you develop your product idea and optimize your business. With our partners, we succeed in developing new solutions, improving performance and quality, and adapt quickly to the needs of the market.

With Technomed you benefit from:

• More than 10 years of experience with development of Multiple Electrode Patches.

• We are constantly improving knowledge and possibilities following technological developments.

• We know which components/materials fit best to your desired functionality at a profitable level

• Rapid prototyping for proof of principle and clinical evaluation

• Efficient production methods for any volume

• Full Regulatory Support for quick time to market


With the expertise of signal pick-up and the ability to provide related services (documentation, prototyping, etc.) to make a medical device, Technomed is the ideal partner for developing a non-invasive multi-electrode patch.

You can focus on your business while Technomed helps bringing your ideas to life.

Contact our Patch Team for more information or specific requests via info@technomed.nl