Extra Small Reusable EEG Cup & Earclip Electrodes

Technomed understands the importance of a crystal clear signal, ease of use and electrode durability.

Technomed’s Reusable EEG Cup & Earclip Electrodes are designed to provide reliable signals and longtime ease of use.

The electrodes are designed for easy adjustment to the patient’s contours to avoid electrode lift.

The electrode is designed with flexible wires and optimized connector for easy headbox insertion and extraction.

  • Extra small reusable cup & earclip electrodes.
  • Clear and reliable signal.
  • Short cup-to-cable connection to reduce lift risk.
  • Low profile disk with soft and flexible anti-tangle lead wires for high patient comfort.
  • Optimized connector design for easy headbox insertion and extraction.
  • Long electrode life with watertight design and Kevlar reinforced wires.

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