Disposable Stimulation Clip 

Technomed understands the importance of clear signals, efficiency and ease of use consumables. 

The Disposable Stimulation Clip turns a metal surgical dilator into a monopolar stimulating probe. 

Fits and connects to most common dilators used in spine surgery. 

High quality stimulus conduction when applied to surgical dilators. 

  • Suitable for EMG, NCS, IONM and EP monitoring. 
  • Easy to attach to dilators, with a diameter between 5mm and 22mm. 
  • Insulated ergonomic handle. 
  • Standard 1.5mm DIN 42802-1 connector with a 2.5m lead wire that can connect to a wide range of nerve monitors. 
  • Ready to use, no cleaning or preparation needed. 
  • Individually sterile packed. 
  • Single patient use to avoid cross-contamination. 

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