Disposable Hypodermic EMG Needle Electrode

Technomed understands the importance of a crystal clear signal, ease of use, repositionability and patient comfort. 

Technomed’s Hypodermic Needle Electrode is a high quality product developed for EMG guided drug delivery of Botox Botilium Toxin Type A. 

Technomed’s Hypodermic Needle Electrode can be used for multiple insertions in a single patient. 

Ergonomically designed hub and cable for a firm grip and optimal precision in needle positioning. 

  • Sharp tip and special coating for patient penetration and repositioning. 
  • Leak-free and minimum drug residual volume. 
  • Optimized to fit to all slip-tip and Luer Lock syringe connections. 
  • Color coded for ease of use. 
  • Single patient use to avoid cross-contamination. 

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